Wilderness Tower

The Treasure Room

Gathered in the library foyer, the group decided to proceed to the elusive treasure room. With a brief stop in the gate room to talk to the new Lord of the Tower, the party found Nazen Varz’ in the sitting room of the royal quarters. Faced with 3 hallways in which to seek the treasure, they split up into three groups and each group searches a separate hallway. The group going into the northern hallway found the original royal quarters, in decay, now to be the quarters of the Jedi masters of this tower, including adjuncts to the order Arua and her brother Aurik. They also discovered a room with a glassee wall with a great view of the western sky and forest, where Ninira had an encounter with the invisible wall and they filled up on pure water from a strange wall fountain. They then went looking for the other groups. A larger group went into the southern hall and discovered a story room, a nature studies room, a geopolitical studies room, a magical studies room, and a private library with a strange table. Arranging the table top just right to the compass points, they were rewarded with fifteen 6-inch plates of various materials. They took these to meet with the other groups, as well as the table top. The third group took the central corridor and discovered some twelve guest-type rooms with various color themes and gorgeous tapestries. The thirteenth room in this hall was adorned with a round bed, a round empty dais, a deresser with an empty alabaster wash basin, and a large curio shelf sculpture. After reading the message almost imperceptibly scribed into the base of the dais, the group realized that the pure water from the fountain would be needed for the basin and called for an elf wizard to cast continual flame on the water. After some considerable deliberation, Lazulo came to the conclusion that the table top should go on the dais and that everything else in the room was a key to the treasure room. So, with some hit-and-miss and some assistance from 2 “apparition” helpers, the group began retrieving some items from an extradimensional space, but only one at a time. When Ninira used a globe of fire, a final key was revealed and Tyaera used the clue to open the treasury wide. The bed (which was discovered to be a cushioned table) was at last covered in coins, precious stones, jewelry and art, mixed with a few strange magical items. As the party began to decide how to divide this loot between them, Aurua and Aurik began talking in excited, hushed whispers to each other about some kind of master plan. What plan might it be?

tower siege {3rd day}

an epic battle, in which there was a peeing fest and it turned out that every one was out to steal the kills of the necromancer, although there is no extra bonus for kills AuRiK and AuRuA sort of have a kill count competition, like legolus {is that the right spelling?} and gimli first with the eight armed monk who was killed by a trebuchet hurled rock whih completly crushed its head.

The Infiltration is Done

The battle was looking good for the allied forces, but the thundering of massive forces could be heard to the north and the east and the earth erupted with drow, gray dwarves, and giant purple worms. Oh my. Aurik was facing the monk master atop the first level of the tower when a trebuchet missile crushed its head and freed Aurik up to deal with the drow and the purple worm. Sakari and Jangin helped out with the drow, the silver dragon helped with the purple worm, and Aurik’s ghouls took care of the goblins and monks cowering in the first floor of the tower. Aurik is bemoaning not having the opportunity to finish the job of sending souls to his master, the Keeper of the Gates of Death. Meanwhile, a force of Parsax followed the gray dwarves out of the ground and came at them from one side while Naines yawned in monochromatic bits at their backs. Although I’i and Big G were pounded by lightning bolts, they seem to be surviving the onslaught and, with the help of an unknown and unnoticed magic of great power, took out the tower observation and rooftop, after the dragoon guard and recently arrived mixed group from Na Faur Tu had cleared out. The Yafs are a scattered mess on the tower grounds. A force of Loxho mounted by gnome wizards arrived on the eastern front and turned their attentions to the force bearing down on them from that direction after a brief discussion about bunnies with I’i. He is currently under the impression that they will not have much magic but that Ninira is a great wizard because she has Sweetpea! Inside the tower, Nazen Varge is missing. Tyaera found the keys to the gate and, after the gatemaster tried to open it and usher through to Uburru a force of devils, she opened it instead once the 12 high shugenja of the Uburru court were ready to come through, conquering the Malebranche and Advespa with combined lightning bolts and planar gate banishment. This was perfect timing, as it allowed Aquash to be brought back from death’s door and Lazulo to be stabilized before bleeding out. The favor of the gods played in, yet again, but noone is really sure how, other than the darkness on the drow being cancelled mysteriously. At the last moment on the battlefield, a floating ship from Opar Hatalu appeared, followed by a salamander fire mage that tried to burn it to the ground. The sixty-something troops aboard made short work of him, though, before he could set up appropriate defenses for himself or hide away, and the mage aboard took care of the sails. The ship’s captain (?) was a well-dressed halfling man who did not seem happy with the whole situation.

So, what next, intrepid adventurers? Only 2 members of the party are still engaging the enemy, and even then only as secondary fire. The party has gained much experience and have a tower to explore or abandon. There are also a lot of dead and wounded around, mostly enemies, but also quite a few friendlies. There is also the matter of Aurua, who continues to sit in a dark cave in Na Faur Tu with an unhappy air dwarf from Bei-Had.

You must decide what to do next…

The Tale Thus Far...

Here are some historical points in the campaign, to-date, and unforgettable moments:

  • As’lai feels the walls closing in around her (metaphorically) in the town where she resided in the upper river district region of the Kingdom of Ha-Sin’nana (pronounced Ha’-Sin(g)-Na’-Na) and went to visit with an old halfling inn-keeper friend named Meli’ia in a crossroads village in the eastern reaches of the Golden Plains.
  • The day after her arrival, the decataur named Zi came in to town, having decided that his joking carefree ways were not being well-received amongst his dour kin on the open plains.
  • Shortly after, a blue goblin named Lazulo Pugrunty came riding into town on his massive wolf and escaped certain death (or at least an attempted throw-down with the Sheriff and his deputized wife) by showing his credentials and summons to quest by the Dwarven Council at Na-T’uran’ (pronounced Na’-Tthoo-®on(g)’) to find adventurers to seek out information concerning a certain threat in the area.
  • Lazulo is also recognized at that point by the Sheriff’s wife, referred to generally as “The Huntress” from her recent stint in law enforcement in Na-T’uran’.
  • These four then set about dealing with 2 invasions of the village, one in the form of a “face stealer” type doppelganger in the employ of Yan-Tek fleeing a flub in its attempted infiltration of the Golden Plains and the other in the form of infernally boosted jungle goblin scouts and their undead trying to knock off the population of the village and burn it to the ground.
  • A visit to a nearby seer indicated to the party where they must go, which went on hold when they got back to the village and discovered that the armed forces of Ha-Sin’nana, heavily augmented by half-giants from the Mecharee disctrict, had arrived to defeat an approaching force of goblins.
  • The party became acquainted with Ramiir Tekla’an, an shugenja from a royal house in the Mecharee acting loosely as adjunct to the armed forces, and an old acquaintance of Lazulo’s: Sakari Kozu No-Shibei, a paladin of freedom serving the two-faced moon good, who had come to the region as an ambassador of sorts to the kingdom of Ha-Sin’nana but been drawn into the border warfare (think “13th Warrior”, Antonio Banderas’ character, but in better armor).
  • This party of 6 (Lazulo, As’lai, Zi, Leti’sa “Huntress”, Ramiir, and Sakari) made their way northward toward a tower that they had heard of and which Lazulo indicated was the most likely location for his enemy to have set up camp.
  • The party stopped in at a little town called Ha’lat Volaj’ (Hock-lot Voe-lage(like collage)) and were forced by circumstances to defend the town against: the Crush-Mash Yafs (elite imported fire hobgoblin schock troops in the employ of Yan-Tek) who came on their floating boat pulled by 8 tiny floating Y-horn deer, a wierd but powerful Stength sorceror named S’an’ta Klaz’ (Shonk-Ta Klage(like collage)) and his red-horned preychaser Grun’daf (RRoong-doff); and a troop of goblin conscripts that shoock in fear at the awesome power of Sakari’s “drunken master” archery style.
  • During one of these combats, Leti’sa was struck by powerful and pervasive magic and began slowly turning to stone. Rami’ir and Leti’sa took the floating boat back into the river district to a temple to the god of magic to see if they could find a cure for her. Along the way, in the guise of Sakari and an unknown cloaked companion, they found conscripts from the Mecharee, brother Grun’war Mecharee and the reformed(?) thief Ninira Hadarasin’, who were volun-told to go find the party and join with them.
  • The party headed north, where they were hunted by a half-gnoll of nasty temperament and an albino(?) human fire-wielder who hid in the earth (much to his everlasting chagrin).
  • In the border territory between Yan-Tek and Greenfolk, the rest of the party was accosted by a way-barring jovian (half-giant of a different stripe), named I’i(Eeee), in black full plate armor. Although Sakari and Lazulo pulled off a convincing (not so hard) job of passing for Yan-Tek spies, Zi misspoke and wound up dead, cleaved from end to end by a single leap attack from a vigilant if simple guard wielding a mercurial greatsword. Dispatched and with goblins alerted to their presence, the party hid out in the rocks.
  • They were met and befriended by a half-harpy who had been preying on stray goblins in the region and made their way across the river into Greenfolk and its potential horrors, away from the certain danger to the east in Yan-Tek.
  • In Greenfolk, they found that disease was running rampant in an area recently vacated by goblins who feared for their lives at the hands of vindictive and… creative… faeries. They were met by Grun’war and Ninira, as well as Poppinjay, an old aaleear friend of Lazulo’s who was looking to connect with her distant cousins in Greenfolk, and a local fairy(?) named Tyaera(Tee-Aye’-Ra). After mishaps involving psionic disease and moles, as well as various incursions by goblins and a vile pair of pursuers, a warlock with no eyes and his necromantic unseelie faerie companion, the group got close to the tower and were able to, with difficulty, take note of its defenses.
  • They made some plans from Lazulo’s new Greenfolk summer home by the river, which were adjusted considerably after the arrival of new party members Aurik Domi the necromancer and his battle sorceror sister, Aurua. The arrival of the fearful paladin of freedom in service(?) to the two-faced moon god did not appreciably alter the party’s plans. The return to life by some pseudo-necromatic means and to the party by magic means of I’i the gaint, now reformed and seeking to serve Lazulo, also made a huge difference. A jungle elf also joined the party, but the half-harpy decided to seek a different flock. Rami’ir and Leti’sa rejoined the group and they all headed out for the tower.
  • En route to the tower, they found themselves in the direct path of The Tempest and, while trying to fight such an epic creature, called mightily upon their gods for help. They were blessed by Daqu All-Mother, the Gatekeeper of Hell and Ulmagnus Hound-Father, though only Ulmagnus appeared in person. Well, after all, how many gods with massive amounts of followers have the time to show up in person? Even with divine assistance, the jungle elf with her leopard familiar and Rami’ir with his much-needed warhorse were destroyed by the touch of The Tempest. In the aftermath, the team mourned their dead, began building siege weapons and met with a master of an ancient star-people order (Jedi?) who promised to help them in their siege if they would leave the master of the gates at the tower to him. At this time, they were also joined by a reformed drow elf from the Shadereach named Ithar, who was itching to prove his devotion to his deity Corellon Larethian, ancient enemy to the drow and orc, alike.
  • Prepared with a catapult, alchemist’s fire and thunderstones of massive size, the band moved toward the tower to lay siege. Waylaid near the tower by goblin conscripts and a magic-eater with rust-monster pets, they regrouped.
  • At this time, the jedi sent Aurua and As’lai back to the Domi House holdings with news of all that they collectively knew. The Lady Aurien’(Are-Ee-En’), leading member of the Guild of Kalisters (or Collisters) and mother to Aurik and Aurua, sent As’lai and Aurua to 2 groups of national leaderships of the central lands (think Allies from the World Wars) with messages begging their assistance in a combined effort to stop the workings of the Church of the Lightning Mind/Order of the Final Void and the Empire of Yan-Tek at the tower. With varying degrees of success and bribery… I mean gift-giving… the 2 completed their tasks. As’lai returned to the group in the wilderness camp exhausted. Aurua faired less well at her final destination, locked in a prison in the Great Eyrie of Na Faur Tu(Na-Fower-Too’) with a digruntled air dwarf flying boat wheel-man named Kareg(C-raig) Highpeak, without access to magic and at the mercy of creatures known to eat their kind.
  • Half of the party, led by a second Jedi, enterred the compound of the tower under Tyaera’s cloud cover and began the siege. At the base of the tower, they found an insectile siarran master monk who destroyed Ithar quickly but then scuttled off when the yellow glowing twin swords of the Jedi made their impression on him.
  • The rest of the party set up a siege position with the catapult and a new ballista just to the southeast of the tower. Shortly after getting ready to bombard the tower, a contingent of trebuchet from the armed forces of Ha-Sin’nana, accompanied by a giant wizard from the Mecharee teleported onto the fields to the west of the tower and began firing at the grounds under the protection of a large force shield. Attending the wizard was a le’t’en(leck-then) human noble.
  • Atop the tower, the infiltration group was attacked by 2 dozen Yafs that came in a great metal-ang-glass bird, escaping through some kind of box that ascends and descends through the tower. The jedi seemed to be the only one who knew how to work it and got them to the portal floor, where they were confronted by a recently summoned Malebranche devil, called forth from the pits of hell to destroy Lazulo Pugrunty for good!
  • Outside, with the help of the wizard, the arrival of Greenfolk High King’s Guard Dragoons and their dragon general as well as emissaries from Uburru, and the machinations of Aurik the Necromancer in the courtyards, the tide of battle on the grounds seemed to turn decidedly in the favor of the besieging coalition. Even so, a sudden lull in the lightning bolts hurled down from the observation deck causes the forces to rush forward in the hopes of avoiding a renewed barrage.
  • Currently: Inside rages a battle of epic scale between devils and adventurers, outside boils a full siege, a Jedi and Tyaera are nowhere to be found, and Aurua wastes away elsewhere in a psittae ((whistle)-Tie’) prison. Where are the Loxho, Animen, Routufenzen, Opar Hatalu, Bei-Had and Na Faur Tu contributions to the battle effort? Who can survive this season of madness? Who will soon be begging the DM to start a character at the party average?

Please, feel free to add in any of your stories and memories of this (thus far) fun campaign.


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