Wilderness Tower

The Infiltration is Done

The battle was looking good for the allied forces, but the thundering of massive forces could be heard to the north and the east and the earth erupted with drow, gray dwarves, and giant purple worms. Oh my. Aurik was facing the monk master atop the first level of the tower when a trebuchet missile crushed its head and freed Aurik up to deal with the drow and the purple worm. Sakari and Jangin helped out with the drow, the silver dragon helped with the purple worm, and Aurik’s ghouls took care of the goblins and monks cowering in the first floor of the tower. Aurik is bemoaning not having the opportunity to finish the job of sending souls to his master, the Keeper of the Gates of Death. Meanwhile, a force of Parsax followed the gray dwarves out of the ground and came at them from one side while Naines yawned in monochromatic bits at their backs. Although I’i and Big G were pounded by lightning bolts, they seem to be surviving the onslaught and, with the help of an unknown and unnoticed magic of great power, took out the tower observation and rooftop, after the dragoon guard and recently arrived mixed group from Na Faur Tu had cleared out. The Yafs are a scattered mess on the tower grounds. A force of Loxho mounted by gnome wizards arrived on the eastern front and turned their attentions to the force bearing down on them from that direction after a brief discussion about bunnies with I’i. He is currently under the impression that they will not have much magic but that Ninira is a great wizard because she has Sweetpea! Inside the tower, Nazen Varge is missing. Tyaera found the keys to the gate and, after the gatemaster tried to open it and usher through to Uburru a force of devils, she opened it instead once the 12 high shugenja of the Uburru court were ready to come through, conquering the Malebranche and Advespa with combined lightning bolts and planar gate banishment. This was perfect timing, as it allowed Aquash to be brought back from death’s door and Lazulo to be stabilized before bleeding out. The favor of the gods played in, yet again, but noone is really sure how, other than the darkness on the drow being cancelled mysteriously. At the last moment on the battlefield, a floating ship from Opar Hatalu appeared, followed by a salamander fire mage that tried to burn it to the ground. The sixty-something troops aboard made short work of him, though, before he could set up appropriate defenses for himself or hide away, and the mage aboard took care of the sails. The ship’s captain (?) was a well-dressed halfling man who did not seem happy with the whole situation.

So, what next, intrepid adventurers? Only 2 members of the party are still engaging the enemy, and even then only as secondary fire. The party has gained much experience and have a tower to explore or abandon. There are also a lot of dead and wounded around, mostly enemies, but also quite a few friendlies. There is also the matter of Aurua, who continues to sit in a dark cave in Na Faur Tu with an unhappy air dwarf from Bei-Had.

You must decide what to do next…



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