Wilderness Tower

The Treasure Room

Gathered in the library foyer, the group decided to proceed to the elusive treasure room. With a brief stop in the gate room to talk to the new Lord of the Tower, the party found Nazen Varz’ in the sitting room of the royal quarters. Faced with 3 hallways in which to seek the treasure, they split up into three groups and each group searches a separate hallway. The group going into the northern hallway found the original royal quarters, in decay, now to be the quarters of the Jedi masters of this tower, including adjuncts to the order Arua and her brother Aurik. They also discovered a room with a glassee wall with a great view of the western sky and forest, where Ninira had an encounter with the invisible wall and they filled up on pure water from a strange wall fountain. They then went looking for the other groups. A larger group went into the southern hall and discovered a story room, a nature studies room, a geopolitical studies room, a magical studies room, and a private library with a strange table. Arranging the table top just right to the compass points, they were rewarded with fifteen 6-inch plates of various materials. They took these to meet with the other groups, as well as the table top. The third group took the central corridor and discovered some twelve guest-type rooms with various color themes and gorgeous tapestries. The thirteenth room in this hall was adorned with a round bed, a round empty dais, a deresser with an empty alabaster wash basin, and a large curio shelf sculpture. After reading the message almost imperceptibly scribed into the base of the dais, the group realized that the pure water from the fountain would be needed for the basin and called for an elf wizard to cast continual flame on the water. After some considerable deliberation, Lazulo came to the conclusion that the table top should go on the dais and that everything else in the room was a key to the treasure room. So, with some hit-and-miss and some assistance from 2 “apparition” helpers, the group began retrieving some items from an extradimensional space, but only one at a time. When Ninira used a globe of fire, a final key was revealed and Tyaera used the clue to open the treasury wide. The bed (which was discovered to be a cushioned table) was at last covered in coins, precious stones, jewelry and art, mixed with a few strange magical items. As the party began to decide how to divide this loot between them, Aurua and Aurik began talking in excited, hushed whispers to each other about some kind of master plan. What plan might it be?



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