Lazulo Pugrunty

Exiled Blue Goblin Princeling of The Yan-Tek Empire and Psionicist


Lazulo is physically a typical Yan-Tek blue goblin, though he is vastly superior to them, he might argue, in both intellect and moral character. He tends to wear travel gear most of the time, accompanied by his beloved crossbow, and astride his massive timber wolf mount. Unlike his jungle brothers, he wears his hair in a neat, short cut and never paints himself in traditional colors, cloth or jewelry from the Jade Tangle, preferring the simple, utilitarian garb and appearance of a country or caravan guardsman. He is polite and erudite until threatened or pressed, which always triggers a bit of the savage intensity of jungle battle in his demeanor, just enough to make the fight a quick one.


From a young age, Lazulo could not comprehend the value behind a power-struggle central government and, when the pacts with the Infernal and Abyssal agents were in negotiation, he objected long and loud to what he perceived as a short and painful road to the enslavement of his people. An edict went out proclaiming him exiled, under pain of death, and he fled to Na-T’uran’, seeking a people and place where he could be seen as a valuable individual, apart from struggles for power.

Lazulo Pugrunty

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