Very small, but very powerful. War cleric. Always looks Fabulous.

  • Name:Willina Bellflower AKA:Poppinjay
  • Class:Cleric/Fighter * Race:Aaleear * Alignment:LN * Lvl:4/4 * Diety:Hollos
  • Size:Tiny * Age:39 * Female * Height:1’11" * Weight:23# * Eyes:Crystelline orange
  • Hair:Golden/fancy braided * Skin:Pale tan
    HP:52 . AC:22 .Init:+4
  • Str.15(+2)
  • Dex.18(+4)
  • Con.14(+2)
  • Int.16(+3)
  • Wis.20(+5)
  • Cha.20(+5)


Favored Weapon: MW Mighty Composite Holy Fay Bow Curently up to 17 to Hit Damage up to 6d6/3
This is only if the circumstanses and location are right and if the target is evil.

Most common spell used: Cure Light Wounds 1d8+lvl

Mount:Condor (Baby) HP:27 Init:1 AC:12
Str:14 . Dex:13 . Con:14 . Int:2 . Wis:14 . Cha:6
Saves Ref:3 . Fort:4 . Will:2
Listen:6 . Spot:6(
14 daylight)


First shows up locked in jail cell. She was only there because she saw a window slit in the side of a cliff. She and her condor mount (Baby)had no problem wiggling into that hole for a little exploration. In there she was found by a Group of priest and locked up. Thinking that no one knew where she was she was frightened and alone. It was not too long that a rescue happened. A Group of adventureres opened her cell and asked ‘Who are you?’ It has been nothing but fun adventures and trying to keep people alive since then. At that time she was a new cleric and could not do much. Through practice and study and gifts of friends She is now a great healer and a powerful archer. She has to be a great healer so that Her friends stay alive. There always seems to be aleast one in the group just destined to kill Him or herself.


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