A sorcerrer who laughs at the need for weapons.


A beutiful Half drow with a serpintine lower half, solid red eyes and platnium blonde hair. Wearing fullplate that… bends? Has no weapons whatsoever.


Born in a three-egg clutch to the naga goddess Blackjack, Slevanna was used to being treated like a princess of the Underdark. The commoners loved her, her Drow father was a fighter of great prestige, and her mother is worshiped by lots of orcs, which gives her power. Slevanna’s two sisters have next to no contact with her, and that’s how she likes it. Plus, she has power of her own. She is a spectacle of sorts on the battlefield, with an unlimited supply of magic missles, and potatos (don’t ask). So, with this awesome life, why would she leave and start adventuring? Simple. With the arrival of the “Lady” Violeta, Slevanna’s life spiraled downhill. Her admirerers vanished and she was ignored constantly. Looking for this admiration once more, she attempted a… union with Violeta’s consort, and was beaten within an inch of her life. Slevanna crawled back to mommy, and got an elaborate “I told you so” as a response. When Slevanna was healed, she left. But, to make a point, she stole Violeta’s back-up armor, and inscribed it with her own symbol. When she reached the surface, she fell into the company of a Loxho shaman, who taught her a new way of using and percieving magic. According to this shaman, everything has a soul. Air, sand, water, trees, even the rocks(who knew!). This was when she took her first steps as a sorccerer. When she summoned her familliar, a cute little bat answered her call. So, with her new friend in tow, she set out to gain expieriance. She decide to first, follow the Orcs under Blackjack, as they would not kill her. This led to one thing, then another. One day, she was following three orc archers, when a BIG dragonfly made them duck for cover. Mist rose from the ground, the dragonfly left, and Slevanna followed the archers, who gathered ALL the other archers. That was wierd, so she followed them to a gully. After watching Violetta talk to the seargent and disappear (she is such a showoff!), all the archers stood up. At an order from the seargent, all twenty-five archers shot a single dwarf! Then, a woman stepped out of a bald man’s shadow and stabbed him repeatedly in the back! And, in her typical fashion, Violeta came out and claimed an eight-armed undead, then disapeared again. Time to do some damage… (insert evil laugh here)


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